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Teaching and Learning at The Willows


At The Willows School Academy Trust, we teach the full National Curriculum and seek to give each pupil an outstanding education, tailored to their individual needs.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, we aim to recognise and develop individual talents, skills and interests. Classroom-based learning is complemented by learning outdoors, educational trips and visitors into school when possible.

If you would like further information on the delivery of the curriculum at The Willows, please contact your child's teacher directly or alternatively contact us here.

Curriculum Aims

We aim to develop the following knowledge and skills in our pupils:

  • To take responsibility for their own personal safety with an ability to identity and respond to unsafe situations
  • To be literate and numerate to an appropriate standard for their chronological age, ability and experience
  • To speak with confidence using varied and appropriate language and to listen attentively to others.
  • To explore the possibilities of technology and to be mindful of the safety measures and responsibility that comes with it
  • To develop scientific, environmental, geographic, historical, cultural and spiritual knowledge of the world.
  • To value and respect all people, cultures and religions as well as their own.
  • To develop good friendship and social skills and to be caring, empathetic, happy, self-aware individuals.
  • To be emotionally resilient, being able to resolve conflicts in a calm, reasoned way whilst maintaining self discipline.
  • To have good problem solving, research and organisational skills in their learning and other experiences.
  • To be able to work effectively individually and as part of a team.
  • To be good, honest, responsible socially conscious citizens with aspirations for their futures.
  • To kickstart an active healthy lifestyle, both physical and mental.
  • To be confident, resilient and able to take calculated risks.
  • To have a deeper understanding of both the school values and fundamental British Values.