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March 2020 Lockdown Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone


This is where we will set activities for you to complete at home, together with providing the necessary support and guidance you may require. Remember if you get through your learning packs early in the week there are more learning links under Class Pages.


For pupils in Year 1 to 6, we would like you to do the following things everyday until our school re-opens.


Lesson 1: PE 

At 9am join in with Joe Wicks (the Body Coach TV) on Youtube and take part in his PE lesson. 


Lesson 2: Reading

Read a book for 20 minutes each day or read a story online. There are a collection of websites that you can access for free including Storyline OnlineAmazon Audible StoriesOliver Jeffers (author Oliver Jeffers will read one of his books every day at 2pm) and many more. Please log on as a family and listen to his storytelling. Your teacher will also give you paper copies of reading activities, set you some reading comprehension or phonics activities. The CLPE has also provided stories being read aloud on youtube click here to find out more.

Lesson 3: Mathematics

Please log on to Timetables Rockstars using your unique username and password. This was provided earlier this academic year. If you require a reminder of your login details contact us here. Log on for 20 minutes each day and practise your timetables multiplication and division facts. Your teacher will also give you paper copies of maths activities to complete. 

Lesson 4: Writing

In your homeschool learning packs your teacher will provide a writing activity for all students to complete. For extra writing practice parents should support their children to write a diary entry of any daily events during this period. Teachers may also provide handwriting practice (year group dependent).


Lesson 5: Mental Health and Wellbeing

During this time it is extremely important to offset negative thoughts and feelings. Log on to Cosmic Kids Zen Yoga, Go Noodle or even Youtube for Just Dance activities.


Lesson 6: Wider Curriculum 

In your learning packs, you will have IPC related content for completion - Science, Art, History or Geography related activities. For more activities see below:



Investigating dissolving:

Investigate which substances and materials dissolve in warm or cold water.  Find at least five things to test from home.  You could try things like sugar, paper, pasta, salt, flour, gravy and rice.


Complete a table to show your findings.  

  • Did it dissolve? 
  • How long did it take to dissolve?
  • Did dissolve better in warm water or cold water?


Make your own ice cream in a plastic bag


Get a paperclip to float



Complete the following sentences about yourself:

  • I am a good friend because….
  • I am really good at…
  • I have worked hard to improve…
  • I am proud of myself when…
  • I am a good team member because…
  • My special talent is…
  • I am a good family member because …
  • I am unique because…
  • I am a good citizen because…


Positivity Jar

Find an old jar (maybe an old coffee or jam jar).  Decorate the jar however you want.  You could wrap the jar, use paints and add accessories to it such as ribbons, stickers and pom poms.  Make it look nice and personal to you.  Cut up lots of slips of paper and on each piece write something positive about yourself. Fold up the slips of paper and put them in the jar. You can even ask your family to write positive things about you. 

Once you have completed the jar try to look at the jar every day for a few minutes and remember how special and positive you are as a person.

You could even make a jar for another person.

Here are some ideas for your slips:

  • I am funny
  • I am brave
  • I am kind



Make a poster using a positive message.  You could use one of the following or think of your own.  Make your poster bright and colourful.

  • Stay Strong
  • Be kind, Be Creative, Be brave, Be you
  • Stay Positive
  • Positive Vibes 
  • Mistakes are proof that you are trying
  • Have big dreams you will grow into them 
  • Think happy, Be happy 


Design Technology

Design and make a healthy snack or meal.  If you don’t have the ingredients you could write some instructions for preparing the food and draw a picture.

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