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Maths at The Willows


At The Willows School we believe all pupils are capable of achieving a high standard of mathematics. We believe that developing early number sense, using a range of images and resources, are essential foundations for more advanced maths and problem solving skills. We build on this early knowledge to recall and apply mathematics knowledge fluently and rapidly. 


We teach maths with a growth mindset in mind - creating a love of learning and resilience so that levels of thinking can become sophisticated. We challenge higher levels of thinking, through problem solving and questioning, to stimulate mathematical creativity.


Problem solving is at the heart of our teaching. We aim to help learners to appreciate the wonder of maths cross-curricularly through science and technology, creating lifelong mathematicians.



We aim for pupils to have mastered the primary mathematics curriculum by the time they leave us, so that they are ready for the next step in their education.

They will master this by:

  • being fluent with the basics (rapid recall, conceptual understanding);
  • being able to reason mathematically (making generalisations, justifications and proofs using mathematical language) ;
  • being able to solve problems (applying, breaking down problems).

Intent, Implementation and Impact at The Willows

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