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Parent Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning and Parent Support Group 


This year we will be re-launching our Coffee Morning on a Wednesday on a fortnightly basis from 09:30 to 11:00 am.


There will be a different focus or activity for each Coffee Morning that will inform you about school policies, subjects taught in school and how you can support your child at home.


The dates of the Coffee Mornings will be posted on the school newsletter, school website (here), and parent notice board.

We will provide free tea, coffee and biscuits for Parents/Carers who attend. On some mornings free resources, leaflets or activities will be distributed.


Coffee mornings are a great way for Parent/Carers to connect with each other, share experiences, learn new skills and relax.  It will also be a time for you to be able to engage with school and be a part of your child’s learning and all of the exciting things that are happening here at The Willows. It will also be the forum to support you in any issues you may have relating to your child and their schooling.

So, why not spare a little time and come along to our Coffee Morning/Parent Support Group – you can make a real difference in your child’s life!

Get involved!


All Family members and friends are welcome!



Coffee Morning Calendar

Let’s see what’s coming up for coffee mornings here at

The Willows School


DateGuest Speaker Focus
15 September 2021Mrs Downie and Mr Gregory-Hunt

Meet & Greet

Our Expectations Link book, attendance, homework, LPPA, School Council, Rights Respecting, Reading, Maths, S&L

29 September 2021Mrs Hala

Speech and Language

Improving communication with your child.

13 October 2021Mrs DownieMental Health – Come along and find out what this means to you and your child.
3 November 2021Ms Sarah CassidyAttendance Matters – Come along and find out why and how it is important to you and your child.
9 March 2022

Mrs Downie

Mrs Hales-Owen

Parents Teachers Association sign up.

Transition introduction.

Game of Bingo

24 March 2022Mrs Downie

The Joy of Reading

Come along and share a book with your child.

27 April 2022

Miss Jones

Mrs Hales-Owen

SATs - come along and have a SATs chat- address the gaps and become familiar with exam style questions.

Safeguarding – Come and see how we keep your child safe here at The Willows.

May 2022

Mrs Daniel

The importance of Mathematics

To enable families to support & consolidate their children’s learning at home.

May 2022

School Nurse

Keeping Healthy –

Balanced diet, exercise

June 2022TBC

Online Safety

June 2022Mr Gregory-Hunt

Attachment and how it affects relationships

July 2022

Mr Shaw

Mrs Debbie Downie

Come and hear your child share their learning and work that they are proud of.

July 2022

Mrs Debbie Downie

PE Coordinators

Review of Keeping Healthy

Being active with your child


What's Been Happening at Our Coffee Mornings?

15 September 2021 - First Coffee Morning for the new Academic year – Meet and Greet! Mrs Downie and Mr Gregory-Hunt met and welcomed both existing and new parents/carers to the school and spoke through what The Willows has to offer in terms of a full, broad, balanced and rich curriculum.

29 September 2021 – Speech and Language – Improving communication with your child. Miss Hala our Speech and Language Therapist met with the parents/carers to discuss the importance of being able to communicate with their child and gave strategies about how to do this.

13 October 2021 – Mental Health Parents/carers came along to have some open discussion about mental health and how they can be affected both individually and as parents. They were also able to take part in a mental health quiz.

03 November 2021 – Attendance Matters Parents/carers came along to discuss and learn why regular school attendance is important for their children. They were also able to have fun and win a prize by playing a game of bingo.

09 March 2022 – First Coffee Morning – 2022 Parents/carers came along to re-kindle relationships with fellow parents/carers, to sign up and discuss new goals for The Willows School PTA. They were also given the opportunity to be able to discuss any concerns that they may have had about their child’s transition to secondary school. They were able to win a wonderful food hamper by playing a fun game of bingo.

24 March 2022 – The Joy of Reading. Parents/carers came along to share a book with their child. They shared strategies in reading books with their child at home and discussed how reading together can support bonding and closeness with their child.

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