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School Council

The Willows School Academy Trust School Council


Welcome to our School Council!


At the Willows School Academy Trust we demonstrate our fundamental British Values of democracy through our weekly School Council meetings. Every class has the opportunity to elect two members to attend these meetings standing in as the representatives for their respective classes. Our democratic voting process within our classes ensures that the selection is fair and that our fundamental British Values are embedded within all levels of our school life. 


School Council along with our Rights Respecting Ambassadors, have been involved in sending toys for children to a charity in Glasgow and will be joining with our school’s Eco Warriors and PTA to start setting up fundraising projects.



Every year, the School Council is given a budget and is encouraged to discuss this with their peers regarding the most beneficial way to use the funds. They then meet and discuss with the Head Teacher the most effective way to invest the funds, so that every child’s view is taken into consideration. For example one of the many ways our school council has ensured every student has a great play-time is through the implementation of the 'Buddy Stop'. If a student needs a friend they wait at the 'Buddy Stop', which is a fantastic visual indicator for all our students and supports mental health and wellbeing for all year groups.


The School Council is an integral part of the Willows learning structure. They are encouraged and supported to make decisions, provide feedback and democratically vote on a range of issues that are important to the school and their peers. ​




Roles and responsibilities of a School Council Member

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